Reliv Independent Distributor
 Reliv gave us a better quality of life!

We are Dwayne and Vicki Leslie, from Fort Worth, Texas. Since being introduced to Reliv in 2001 our lives have dramatically changed! When introduced to Reliv Vicki was dealing with a host of auto-immune issues, weekly headaches, had dealt with menopausal issues for years. She was also suffering with muscle discomfort  and extreme fatigue causing her to spend twenty hours a day in bed. After starting Reliv she first noticed energy and added productive hours to her day. Her quality of sleep improved and she started sleeping through the night again. Her  headaches have gone from weekly to occasional. The muscle discomfort, hot flashes and night sweats have also improved. She enjoys a sense of well being that she thought she would never have again. Dwayne has also received awesome results with indigestion, joint issues. His lab work shows his cholesterol and triglycerides have dramatically improved. We are so thankful for the improved health we’ve experienced and know we are giving our bodies the best nutrition.  

When people started asking us about the change they could see in our health our business was born. We started sharing this hope one person at a time. Since 2001 we have seen many other lives change because we’ve shared Reliv with them. We’ve enjoyed earning our Reliv income, and many bonus that Reliv offers, and we have earned three of the incredible Reliv trips. The checks of the heart, the times when people come to you with tears in their eyes because they have their lives back, are the reason we do this business. We love to pass along the good things God has blessed us with. 

If you want to hear the rest of our story click on one of the contact links on this page or give us a call at the number listed above. We would love to share this hope with you.

He turned our curses into blessings,

Dwayne and Vicki Leslie